Saturday, June 23, 2007

Long time, no blog...

Haha, a dear friend said to me last night "you wrote 'hurrah, I have a social life!' and we've not seen another blog post out of you since!!!". Funny cos it's true. So here I am, shamed into updating this page. If the truth be told, I've been pretty much offline lately - I moved house into a fabulous new flat, and I bought a laptop, so I thought I was going to be all connected, but internet connection here has been a real bitch. Nothing is ever as simple as we'd like. And I've been so excited to have a bona fide HOME to go to, that I haven't bothered frequenting the netcafe any more! So basically I've been too busy having a LIFE to manage having a blog as well!!!

Does that sound smug? Not intended to be... But I am feeling quite contented these days, and that's a very good thing.

So updates..... Work is becoming a very full-on part of my life here, which was never the plan! But it's busy and going well so I can't complain. Just taking up more time and energy than I thought - after all, it started out as just a temp job. Now 4 months in it's getting to be more than that.... Church is still going great guns, I'm getting more involved these days which is just fantastic - I'm part of the visitors team (greeting people who are visiting and making sure they feel welcome - yay), also joining the choir and helping with "The Reel" (a free movie screening once or twice a month). Also taking an hour or so off work each Thursday morning to help set up for a mothers & babies group that the church runs for mums in the local community - very worthwhile and having a great impact on the community, but not enough helpers so even though I can only give an hour a week I'm just trying to do SOMETHING cos I feel that it's a really worthwhile programme! So all that's starting to keep me quite busy. Socially, things are going well, building up a nice bunch of mates and keeping myself entertained! Travel-wise, I did my first wee side trip a few weeks back, 3 days in Ireland, to be sure, to be sure. Had an absolute blast! Once I get a more reliable internet connection, I'll attempt uploading some photos on here. Let's just say it was old, misty, mysterious, very green, full of passionate people (if only about beer and whisky for some, but let's say there are no half measures amongst the Irish!). When Irish eyes are smiling, which they always are, you know they're up to something shifty (which they always are!!!). hehe.

Anyways, I guess that's enough of an update for now. I will attempt to be a bit better at documenting what's going on..... No promises....


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