Monday, February 05, 2007

Back to reality.... with a thud!

Righto. The elation of the last post has slowly seeped out of me over the past 3hrs..... I have started in my first temp role - answering phones at a car dealership! - and it's anything but thrilling....!!! Not exactly what I was hoping for, or what was promised to me from my temp agencies, but whatever, at the end of the week I will officially be earning GBP, which means that hopefully I can be slightly less of a tightarse....!!

Can I just mention the inherent problem with me doing a job that is pretty much solely answering phones.... it's difficult enough to understand Scots when I'm face to face with them!! So far I can hardly understand a word that anyone has said to me on the phone, so I am forced to use my exceptional powers of deduction to direct their call..... So far I've only had one complaint, so I figure that I'm doing OK?!!

So.... the other high agenda item is the flathunt. Have been going pretty hard at it, eventually trying to decide between two.... At length, I chose one, and wouldn't you know it, they had just finished confirming with someone else...... Damnation!!!!! So now that I had decided on that one, it is hard to go back to the other one, as I thought I had my mind made up!!!!! Anyways, the landlady of the house I wanted but didn't get, has offered me the room on a night-by-night basis as the new person can't move in for a month.... What I want to say is "Right, so you gave the room to someone else, but you're happy to make some money off me in the meantime??" but what I actually said was "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind". Because beggars, you see, cannot be choosers.

So the upshot of all this is that at lunch time I'm going to call her up and see if I can move over there tonight. The place I'm working at is an easy bus ride from that flat, but a moderately intense nighmare to get to from the hostel I'm at (for example, today it cost me a £10 cab fare, a bus ride, and a 20 minute walk to get here - and only just in time!!!!). So for the same price as the hostel, I can get here without blowing a gasket, and also I don't have to shove all my stuff into a locker the size of your average esky. As much as I hate to be lining the pockets of the woman who denied me the flat I wanted, I must repeat that it's all about beggars and choosers unfortunately...... I'm holding on to the thought that there simply must be something better around the corner!

All these minor dilemmas aside, I still love Edinburgh, I'm still happy to be here, and I'm very much looking forward to planting my feet and settling in a bit more....... Bring it on!!!!

The GOOD news is that I caught up with Sandy's friend Susan yesterday, and she's fab! Yay, my first official friend in Edinburgh!!! We had a beer and some food,, and she came to look at 2 flats with me..... We had a good old laugh, and I got some great tips on Edinburgh life. Hopefully she will be the first of many friends to be made here......

OK, signing off..... Hopefully good news to report on job front and flat hunting soon.

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