Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I live in Edinburgh.....!

Yep, that's right, I now live in a flat and not in a hostel! Hurrah!

In a stunning turn of events since my last post, I actually had a good think and decided that missing out on the Leith flat was actually a lesson to be learnt about not dragging one's feet, and therefore I shouldn't miss out on the flat that had been such a close second by deliberating too long......! So I called them up when I knocked off on Monday, said that if it was OK with them I'd take the room, they were happy, and I moved in that night!! And the rest is history I guess....! I got there and unloaded my stuff, and then sat down with the new flatties and drank a few bottles of red and talked the night away! A very promising start.....

Now for the details..... I have committed the ultimate sin that I swore I would not do, which is flatting with other Aussies!!! Well, one other Aussie and one Scot, so I guess that makes it OK? The Aussie has lived here for over 4yrs, and she's shacked up with the Scot, so I think I'm safe!! I have been violently opposed to the thought of living with backpackers, particularly Aussie ones, because it's a bloody expensive exercise to come all the way over here just to hang out with ex-pats, as I can do that at home for free.......! But this girl doesn't quite qualify as a backpacker, she's a local, and she's lovely, so for mine it's all kosher. My new flatmates are a lovely couple - a 'non-couply' couple of course, or I wouldn't live there for quids! I 'click' quite well with both of them, and the flat is amazing, so it's all looking very promising! We even have a backyard, which is almost unheard of in the centre of town, and certainly none of the other flats I looked at had any yard to speak of. I'm a 5min bus ride from Princes St, and I think it would be about a 25min walk, which is perfect. The only problem I have encountered so far is that they don't have a microwave!!! Apparently microwaves aren't so common in the UK as they are at home, and it's not strange for a house not to have one..... I'm going to have to revert to old-fashioned methods of heating and reheating.......!

Will post some photos of the flat soon..... Once I can actually upload some from my camera, I'm having IT difficulties here, or should I say access to IT difficulties..... Will get there eventually!

Other news..... still bored stiff in my temp job, but the people are really lovely, so it could be worse. I am potentially starting a 3-week temp role with an investment house next week as PA to the Chief Operations Officer, and a stunningly good rate of pay (compared to the current role, anyway!), so hopefully that comes through. Should know later today or tomorrow.

Other than that, all is fairly quiet. I finished unpacking my stuff last night (after the write-off of the first night with the red wine situation), and the room looks nice. I have Susan and her boyf coming over for drinks tonight, my very first visitors, so that's exciting! Not too much else going on. I need to pull my finger out and start doing some job applications..... It is so easy to sit back and wait for the recruitment consultants to do all the work for me..... But alas, I think I must take the reigns and get cracking! The sooner I have a steady income, the better...... obviously.

Anyways, in the words of the immortal Rexy - "Yibbidy yibbida, that's all folks!". Until next time.....

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