Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh my gawd..... I have a social life!!!

Yep, it's true. Thus I have been extremely slack on the blogosphere, because quite frankly, I've had better things to do!!! And what a relief that is. :)

(Just as an aside: Scots say "frankly" a LOT. They are very frank people. True.)

So, I've met a few people through work, and also hooked up with some Oz/NZ expats through Gumtree, and also met some people through Church, so the social calendar is getting banked up, which makes Miss J a happy camper. I know I have proclaimed long and loud that I wasn't going to hang out with expats, but I've found that the old saying is true: birds of a feather DO flock together. The difficulties in meeting people and making friends just kinda makes it a necessity. So I have swallowed my pride, and hung out with some other travellers, and while predictable, it's good fun. My favourite people so far are a pair of kiwi gals who are just so genuine and such a pair of dags that I felt perfectly comfortable with them after about 4 seconds. We've become rather tipsy together on a number of occasions now, which is not only assisting the social situaion, but also facilitating me to broaden my knowledge of Edinburgh pubs. Can I just say, "Fingers" (think piano bar) is an establishment that no self-respecting citizen would frequent, but by george it's great craic! We ended up there after about 4 thousand beers (or ciders in my case), and we just sang our lungs out and got hit on by dodgy men all night!!! I even danced - that should tell you how much fun I was having.

Other essential cultural experiences have included watching the 6 Nations Rugby (Scotland v Ireland) at the Walkabout pub, which still reeked of the night before and was packed to the gills with folk from all over.... Met a cool Queenslander and a lovely Mauri guy, and generally had a good time. Scotland lost. Proceeded to an Edinburgh establishment called "Milnes" and settled in for the night. Met some absolutely fab guys from England (but two were Irish) - all but one married, but we just laughed and drank and laughed and sang Irish folk songs and laughed and drank until we got kicked out at closing time.

So essentially, the take home message is that everything you've heard about Edinburgh is true. They're all just drunk all the time. And when in Rome.... do as the Scots do!!! I put forward the motion that, wherever you are, just do as the Scots do. It's more fun that way. :)

Anyways, to bring this blog up to speed from the last post, the bright shiny job interview that my consultant hooked me up with when she saw her big fat commision fading into the sunset..... well that has turned into a rather sweet job for me with the Bank of New York. Nice people, nice office, jury still out on the boss but so far so good!!!! To be fair, he's been great so far, but I can't help feeling that the bomb is about to drop at any moment...... We'll see. So, I'm in my 4th week with the Bank, and all going well. I am flying to London tomorrow to schmooze with the people who I'll be dealing with from the London office, and do some training. Yay, corporately funded trips, my favourite. Looking forward to staying at the Hilton (seriously) and just chilling out a bit. And lucky me, I've booked my return flight for Sunday afternoon instead of Friday night, so I get to catch up with my lovely friends in London for the weekend. BRILLIANT.

On that note, I must dash, as I have a taxi booked to pick me up at 6:45am to zoom out to the airport...... ewwwwww!!! So I'm off to get everything ready and get to bed early - such a nanna!!!! :)

Now that I am over the novelty of actually having social engagements, hopefully I will find the time and motivation to keep this infernal blog up to date......

Until then, I shall continue to do as the Scots do.....


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