Sunday, September 10, 2006

Oh yeah. I'm a blogger.

Well. Here I am. I have a blog. BAHAHAHA! Who would've thunk it?

So here lies my dumping ground for the non-recylcable waste of my fickle mind. This is intended to be a bit of a travelogue for my big trip coming up, to keep the folks back home updated on what's going on, and also to be a bit of a "dear diary" for me to look back on. Also planning to document the lead-up to take off, how the travel plans are unfolding, blah blah blah.

OK. So. I'm going to the UK. After harbouring a not-so-secret obsession for Scotland for only about, ohhhhh 5 years (!!), and professing my intentions to go there for roughly the same timeframe, I'm finally doing it! Taking off for the UK in the dead of winter, what a good idea!! Ahem. So, like I said, been thinking about it forever, and had some loose plans, but then a brain-snap due to my 10yr high school reunion made me bite the bullet, do my sums and book a ticket for as soon as I could manage. Therefore I am the proud possessor of a ONE-WAY ticket to the motherland, jetting on outta here on 20 Jan 07. Super.

Planning to live and work in Edinburgh, make like a local, hopefully find a little niche for myself. And of course, use it as a base to spring off for glamourous weekenders across Europe....

So if any random folk have stumbled across this post, feel free to impart any travel tips for heading over to the UK in the middle of winter!! And particularly tips for living and working in Scotland would be gratefully received.....

Signing out....

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